Monday, January 17, 2005


I'm meeting his parents today.

I don't really understand why it's such a big deal for me, but somehow it is. I mean, they're just his parents; then again, they're his parents. I really don't know if i can be chirpy and happy for the entire evening without freezing up, or as he says, "be coy".

Quite simply, i was never good at the "meet the parents" game.

My first ex and i never had to deal with it much, though i was always at their house, because we were friends first before anything developed into something more. Back then, i was not really that bothered about it, because well, it was just that. I like them and they (i'd like to think) also liked me, and we managed to get along fine.

My second ex's folks and i met only two times: one was a function which i sat with them at their table exchanging a few words for an hour or two (there was a show so we didn't really chat much) and two was the day before my ex left for the States. The day was spent having dinner (which was very informal and they pretty much were nice and quiet) and them leaving us to ourselves as we hung out with friends at his house.

The thing about this one is, they're i guess a little bit different. The culture/upbringing thing is quite an adjustment for me (and for them too, i'm sure), so i'm not really sure what to expect. Are they looking for an ex clone? Are they skeptical about our relationship? Do they think i'm nuts!? All questions, frustrating and unnerving pondering are making me into thins freakish mass of nerves. Sheesh. I'm getting all self-conscious. What if i make a complete ass of myself in front of them? *Sigh*

I know, i know. To wallow in this puddle of self-absorption is truly shallow and stupid. After all, it's just his parents. then again...

blah blah blah, you say. Yup.

I just hope that i won't screw things up.

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